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Sally Bright :: Image Consultant, Gloucester
I have always wanted a style consultation and to find out which colours look good on me as I didn't have the knowledge or confidence. I have lost 3 stone which spurred me to go to Sally to have the consultations done. I have never regretted it! My confidence to choose the right colours and styles of clothes that best suit me has soared. I now wear colours and clothes that I would never have dreamed of wearing and I find I'm saving money too. I also have received many more compliments!
Date of Posting: 21 Oct 2013Posted by: Lisa BrowningLocation: Gloucester
As a Colour Consultant, Sally takes a great deal of time and care to ensure the client receives the right results. She provides a friendly, relaxed and well lit environment to carry out the colour consultation and fully involves the client in the process. Her knowledge and depth of understanding of colour and how colour works to the benefit of the individual is clearly demonstrated throughout and I am very happy to personally recommend her.
Date of Posting: 15 Oct 2012Posted by: SheilaLocation: Gloucester
The most in-depth colour analysis I've ever had with some very pleasant surprises. Can save you a fortune. Now I understand why some colours just make me look healthy, alive and younger!!
Date of Posting: 3 Oct 2012Posted by: HelenLocation: Paddock Wood

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